The Importance Of Meditation

Why Daily Meditation Is So Important.

It’s been 10 years to the week that I embarked on my daily sadhana (spiritual practise) practice of mediation.

It came about after the difficulties I had adjusting to parenting and my struggles with post natal depression.

Of course at that time the doctors just wanted to ‘quick fix’ my feelings of anxiety but I wanted to heal myself naturally and see if there were in fact alternatives.

(This is however me, through and through! I will always want to get to the core of a problem and then work to fix things using both conventional and alternative means.)

I was out one day walking my baby in her pram and I happened to walk past a Meditation Centre. I had an urge to go inside, have a nosey around, and maybe perhaps ask a few questions?

 It all felt slightly ‘out there’ and ‘New Aged’ for me and something that “hippies” did, but at the same time the artist in me, urged me forward and whispered to me, “This is actually a natural thing FOR ME to be doing!”

 Perhaps an inner awakening or calling to step outside the box and get out the way of my thinking brain and follow a different path.

Nevertheless I went in and asked my questions and signed up for a few sessions.

I LOVED every minute of being in that space. Learning to ‘still’ my mind and switch off the chatter was one of the best things I’d ever experienced. Some days it wasn’t easy to sit still and I’d fidget and get frustrated.

It bought up all kinds of shitty feelings, but after a while, I would also experience a wonderful, soothing, calmness. Feelings that I’d not really experienced before. (Other than the times I was able to get lost in my painting and drawing, something I’d later call my active meditations).

From that point on I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing. I was soon able to come off the prescription medication and I turn more and more to alternative therapies. I explored everything from yoga to kinesiology and after a few years got into essential oils and crystals

Over the years since I have been a participant in numerous women’s circles, sound healing, and spiritual retreats.

I have attended many, many, MANY motivational conferences and listened to various people talking about all kinds of alternative ways to think.!!  I have a library of books both spiritual and business. How to’s for all kind of self-help and personal development. They have all had their place and I am grateful for all the knowledge I have gained along the way.

BUT, without a doubt the most important thing I have ever done and still continue to do to this day is my meditation practice.

 (and believe me it is a PRACTICE, some days I let my ego take over and tell me I’m too tired to meditate or I haven’t got time to meditate today or I really ought to get the dinner on etc. You know what I mean, you hear me right? All those self-sabotaging thoughts that come into your head that you know deep down aren’t true or real. Stupid ego brain!)

For the past 12 months or so I really have upped my game when it comes to my spiritual practise. Since becoming a business owner I have had to work so hard on my belief systems, and trust that I’m on the right path to reach my dreams and goals. I have fully surrendered to the powers that be to help me implement all that I need to make my business a success. This belief and positivity needs constant work and without my daily meditation practices I know it would be hard to be THINK PURPLE and at times would have wanted to give it all away. BUT I have approached my business in a different way and I choose to love it and live in the present moment with it all. Implement my ideas and know that I am supported in all my decisions, none of this can be possible if I don’t show up each day to meditate.

I get up each morning to sit in silence at 5.30am to meditate for a full hour. Sometimes I need to use chants and mantras to keep me focused and not get lost in the air.

 I do the work it takes to keep my mind still and allow that beautiful love and light to saturate my entire being, every cell, and every piece of DNA gets showered in light.

It sets me up for the day ahead, I am a much happier positive mother, wife, friend, and associate for it all.

I fully recommend the practice of mediation as part of your everyday rituals. Even if you can only start with 10 minutes a day. Please, find a time that works for you. I’m an early bird so it suits me to be up at 5.30am the house is quiet and I have the time then, before work and all the other home life duties kick in, but it works for me, get it to work for you.

Find that time to be STILL AND SILENT let the chatter subside and give way to the positive voices, the empowering nurturing voices in your head not the other!!