I was so spiritually busy that I was missing the point!

About 9 years ago now I began my “spiritual journey” my “new age” life if you like. I threw myself into this world with my entire mind, body and soul.

On my journey of self-awareness and healing I discovered, yoga, meditation, visualisation, crystals, essential oils, angel cards, oracle cards, i attended a huge amount o f women’s circles and groups to share knowledge and meet new like minded women ” my tribe ” my “earth angels” as they liked to talk about.

I read book after book on all things about enlightenment. from Dwayne Dyer to Eckhart Tolle, Louise hay,or Marianne williamson, to name but a few, (and i have probably mis-spelt some whoops) I spent what seems like thousands on different retreats and workshops all telling me they had the answer to it all.

But through all this and on top of my normally working/parenting life I was very BUSY and left feeling, well kinda burnt out from trying to practise all the spiritual rituals. I could actually feel quite un-grounded and at times scattered.

In recent times especially the last couple of years spiritual growth has been moving at such a rate of knots and we are constantly being told how things are speeding up around us cosmically and how we need to get on board and practise our meditation and our chakra cleansing if we want to stay in our high vibration. Yes i feel it and I do implement and put into action as much of it as I can, but what I have noticed however is that through all this learning and developing I have been disconnecting from my true self and haven’t been listening to my own inner voice but listening too much to others. I have remembered that i have all the answers within me, more now than ever before and that I must trust the voices that tell me I can do it and I know what to do. It really is simple so why do I complicate it .So if you ever feel like I do sometimes whereby you feel like you are in spiritual ritual overload then STOP, keep it simple and and practice SILENCE. It’s the most important thing.