About Kay

For many years I have worked both as a professional artist and as a self-expressive art therapist.

While facilitating workshops and session’s in this area, for both groups and individuals, (and through my own personal and continual journey of self-mastery and spiritual growth) i have discovered that we all have the ability to heal, both mentally and physically.

When a person is ready to take responsibility for their own journey of this current life time the real MAGIC begins!

I am always working on the best ways to help myself and others step out of the fear and into the love through connecting the heartmind. 

When the decisiveness of the divine masculine is listening to the loving and caring intuitive wisdom and knowledge of the divine feminine, with openness, action will be taken with confidence, and deep loving strength.


When the divine feminine and divine masculine work together in an open loving and, faith based way we are able to manifest our greatest dreams and live our best lives.

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When the Divine feminine and her energy of 'BE'
Combines with the Divine masculine energy of 'DO'
We can create a life full of love, joy, ease and flow, free from any fear based ego, neediness or desperation.

Why I decided to Facilitate QHHT

For 7 years I have been running my studio Think Purple Hartspace in Northern NSW Australia, working for those years with people’s right hand brains (or feminine side). Enabling them to trust their intuition and start to listen to themselves above all else.

For many years I had struggled with various autoimmune issues and I had put my weight behind pretty much all the alternative therapies with great passion and belief.

Everything from acupuncture, reflexology and, kinesiology, to all kinds of herbs and tinctures. I read literally hundreds of books on health, meditation, mindfulness and holistic health. ALL of them were immensely beneficial and my health was put onto a constant “maintenance” path that kept me above the line of all the symptoms, I had been suffering from for many years. However much to my frustration and upset at times I never seemed to be able to heal completely, and was always left with a battle inside of trying to remain high vibe and positive, along with the constant battle against food and what to eat to keep the inflammation at bay. Mind over matter right? I really felt that this was my life and how it was always going to be.

Periods of utter chronic fatigue and insomnia, all while holding space for those around me. Always with that burning desire inside to run my business and be a success. Sometime I felt a fraud in my work. How can I help others to heal and meditate and figure it all out when, that morning I could barely even stand let alone walk out the door.

Since 2012 I had that calling to start to practice mindfulness and meditation and was thrown into a world of spiritual awakenings and all that that entailed.

It was wonderful and I quickly started to see through things so clearly and begin to understand myself on a deep level SO WHY was I getting sick? Wasn’t I meant to be getting better?

I was joyful inside, but my body was suffering.

I had however finally manage to get on top of it and keep my symptoms under control until the day my Dad died.

After a very fast long and gruelling trip back to the UK I returned home to Australia where I fell apart.. I was hit with the worst chronic fatigue episode ever. And I just couldn’t find space for myself to grieve. I had been in remission from all my autoimmune.

Dis-ease for so long but in one swoop it came flooding back and hit me like I’d never experienced.

Where to from here I kept asking I had tried everything, I couldn’t believe after all the work, all the spiritual work, all the work with naturopaths and healers. I had done so MUCH!!

When I was on my knees shouting HELP A friend shared a link to Dolores cannon and BOOM !! It was lift off. I was utterly bewitched by her authenticity and humbleness she was the real deal and I started to watch and read anything I could get my hands on. I knew her work was the key to help me heal! Every hair on body stood up with those all-knowing truth bumps.

I just had to have a session, every single cell of my body knew that this was IT. I was ready. Ready to heal completely and let go. I always knew it was my choice to heal. If it was meant to be it was up to me, I knew I had all the answers within me, I just needed to hear and trust myself. Follow my intuition, do it my way trust, trust, trust!! But through the fog of sickness I just didn’t see or know how to do it. That’s when my higher-self managed to line it all up perfectly for me, LITERALLY everything fell into place it was perfect. I found the official QHHT site and searched for a level 3 practitioner. In my head and heart I really wanted to see a man practitioner. And as If by magic I found the only one level 3 male practitioner in Australia, and it turned out he was just up the road (but of course he was thankyou angels).

John thank you!!!!

I had a feeling I would need a few days off, to have the session, I knew my higher-self had things to tell me and wanted to help me heal. I knew this was going to be BIG and I was so excited, like you wouldn’t believe!!

It turned out my hubby and daughter decided to take a spontaneous camping long weekend (again thankyou higher self) so wow I had not only found the practitioner I knew I needed but I had also managed to find the alone time for it all.

This was going to be epic.

And it was!

I won’t go into the details of my session with John as it was a long and deep, and just incredible. I released and realised so much it was insane!

I can honestly say that I went through a vortex of healing energy. I released the grief over my father through forgiveness and surrender.

The days that followed were out of this world, it is hard for me to put into words but all I can say is I had received a profound healing and I knew that I was through it.

To this day I have been symptom free and have conversations constantly with my higher self. I ask a question and I have the answer straight away. I have no fear and I am in complete surrender knowing that my life is already written and I just need to trust all will be well. I knew this work was my new path and it fitted in perfectly with the work I already did as an intuitive art therapist and facilitator and so I embarked on the journey to learn this fantastic and life altering technique, in the hope that I can facilitate session for others who are ready to hear the answers to their life’s purpose and heal from whatever ails them. This will all happen when the person is ready to hear and receive and it is their time to move forward.

Kay continues to make it her life mission to get people to think for themselves, and trust themselves completely, knowing that they are protected and safe from fear at all times. Their higher self loves them unconditionally. Stepping in and using our intuition fully is where we grow the most and live our most powerful fulfilling lives?