Some examples of avatar portraits

What is an avatar portrait?

They are my interpretations, of how I see your higher self, the divine within you.

Through my intuition and inner guidance I am able to channel the image I see of your true divine self, I will then lovingly recreate your personal Avatar onto a canvas.

The word Avatar is a Sanskrit word meaning “descent” it refers to the descent of a Deity onto the earth plane. It later became known as the incarnation into earthy form of a deity. We all are divinely connected to source and have reincarnated into many different forms over many, many, thousands of years. The person we see in the mirror isn’t just who we are. We are so much more!

I will also channel and download any personal light codes that come through as I tune in to your essence and paint your portrait. Light codes are patterns made up of sacred geometric shapes, patterns and colours. These codes activate your DNA. They contain Messages that you may not understand on a conscious level however your soul WILL! Your higher self WILL! When the time is right these codes will be released into you and the information that is downloaded will lead you to the right place at the right time where there will be information that you need to know.

You will be required to accept a telephone call at time of booking, or if able meet up for a chat in person .this will help guide me and get to know more about you.

Your portrait will be painted using acrylic paint and are painted on a box canvas sized at 60cms by 90cms, and come protected with an isolation coat and top varnish.

The price is $777 (plus postage and packing )

please also know that it is my intention that these painting become part of a set of oracle /angel cards that will be published when i have completed the first deck. so the exciting part is that anyone who has their avatars painted will be a major art of this journey, and their healing energy love and light will spread and shine as far and wide as these boxes of cards will fly. HOW COOL IS THAT xx we are all connected and have so much love to share to humanity it is my belief that these avatars will help others heal and become the best versions of themselves xx  

If anyone would like to have their avatar (higher self) lovingly painted, (which will also include any other imagery, symbols, spirit animals and light codes that comes through as I channel your inner deity) then please get in touch (However please be aware that the turn around is a minimum of 3 months and I do have a wait list so that time is probably a little longer💜💜)

Remember that these avatar portraits are to become part of a set of 33 angel/ oracle cards.
This will mean that for anyone involved in this project, you will have your light, energy and heart shining out from them helping to give love and guidance to the beautiful soul that holds them in their hands as they seek guidance from consciousness.

I have recently decided,  that these images will also become part of a book called “MY AVATAR JOURNEY” .
This came to me when I was shown in meditation, the deep connection to my soul I have with every Avatar I paint. It will become a self reflective autobiography of sorts, the details will become clearer as time passes and I catch up to the intention all ready set by consciousness 💜💜

It would be my greatest honour to paint your avatar and include you in this exciting project. We are more than this human shell and the light that shines from our heartspace emanates for hundreds and hundreds of miles effecting the lives of millions, know that your love, light , and truth will touch the hearts and minds of anyone who uses these oracle cards and/or book to help them reconnect with source and indeed with you….


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Kay’s captivating avatar painting really touched my heart. The symbols and quality of her work shows through the trust that someone else can paint your ‘inner’ core-  the sensation of seeing my spirit on a canvas was extremely liberating and helped me quite alot- very grateful to have someone capture that special side of me and do such an amazing job at it.  Thankyou kay xx
I was blown away when I saw the amazing Avatar Portrait Kay intuitively painted for me. I feel very connected to the plant kingdom and roses are very significant to me so it was interesting that she was guided to paint me holding one. The light language and symbols are very intriguing, and the lady looks very mysterious, yet familiar. It feels to me like there are many layers to the picture and that over time, the more I sit in meditation with her, the more of my soul essence and other insights will be revealed and light codes activated within me! I love that I can hang this picture up in my sacred space and every time I look at it, it reflects back to me a part of myself and my soul that is reassuring me that everything will be ok. To stay focused on my goals and that all will be revealed in time. In the image she looks so confident, composed and serene, and that it is within reach to become more like her by staying present and focused. Perhaps, a gentle reminder for me to stop rushing about so much and worrying about things that are out of my control and to see and appreciate the beauty that is already all around me….and to simply stop and “smell the roses” occasionally! I love how spirit speaks to us and Kay has interpreted it all so beautifully. Thank you Kay for capturing this side of myself and revealing a part of my soul that wishes to be expressed. Jodie
When I first saw Kay’s post with a photo of her newly started avatar painting it reminded me of myself, Kay and I had never met but she had painted a face so similar to mine, I knew I had to reach out to find out more. We spoke on the phone briefly and I knew I had to go ahead with it. During the time Kay was painting, she received a message that “something wasn’t quite right for me”, at that point, the painting had the Crow in it and a feather head dress for me. The Crow always had special meaning for me during some of my most difficult times but she had been guided to paint the Phoenix. I had no knowledge of this but during this time, I had decided to do a meditation to gain insight into the meaning of a particular planet’s ingress into a constellation and what it meant for me. During my meditation, I saw the Phoenix rise from my heart and saw myself as a kundalini student - depicted in the painting by the third eye symbol. Kay sent me an email with a photo of the finished avatar and told me of how she was going to paint the feather orange but that while walking her dog (the week before), she came across a white feather on the road and received another message to “paint Jenny’s feather white”. During that same week while I was walking to work, I found a big white feather on the road and picked it up as I knew it had special meaning. The light codes Kay painted have slowly been trickling into my field too and the colours have special meaning for me. Kay and I were both in goosebumps at the synchronicities when we finally met and I picked up the painting and we both felt that we had known each other for a long time. I am in awe of her intuition, her knowing, her gifts and her talent. This painting is like “hope” to me and all of its parts have significant meaning for me, it’s a reminder that I am on the right path. The timing has been perfect for the beginning of a new journey for me and I’m excited to see, know and receive any new insights that come to light. Many blessings for your gifts Kay and I wish you all of the best things for your journey……I can’t wait to see the finished set of oracle cards Also a quick thing about the changes from the raven/crow and the feathered headdress…..I just realised last night that my ex husband had a connection of some sort with the Native Indian and he actually had a real feather headdress! It was during our marriage that the crow had been so significant for me……I think the raven/crow and the headdress represented my time with him and the changes you made are of my renewal and rebirth from coming out of and healing from my marriage…….because it wasn’t quite right for me……
I've always considered myself very ordinary and just a typical busy wife/mum. But Kay sees beyond the earthly veil and captures one's true essence. Her incredible intuitive and artistic skills bring to life each person's unique avatar. Truly incredible.
My precious avatar portrait 'My Inner Lioness' Kay's sense of knowing and capturing my inner self and bringing her to life leaves me with a sense of ore and wonderment. My 'Lioness' reminds me to be fearless when self doubt tries to creep in, to be protective against negativity, to believe in my purpose and reminds me that I 'AM' courageous and strong and can be fierce when I need to be. Being a part of Kay's vision for her series and legacy is such an honour and I believe the joy I feel will be eternal. Kay's unique talent and generosity of soul reaches out and touches so many people, her amazing ability to tune in and to help guide and support eveyong one she meets on their own level is extraordinary, plus she also gives them a platform to thrive and enjoy their journey of life, not only for, the here and now, but for the past and the future. Kay, I admire you and I thank you x Sheree