H’Art Therapy

H’art Therapy

Let Kay guide you to inner peace and tranquillity with her private one to one Intuitive H’art Sessions.

Over the past 10 years kay has created many different mindfulness practices. Using these various techniques and tools she is able to  take you on a deep journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. Using  different painting processes she will help you unlock a deep love and understanding of ‘Self’.

Kay has combined her knowledge of Art Therapy, Intuitive Painting and   Spiritual Practice to create her very own unique H’Art therapy sessions.

These session are free from judgement and criticism, a safe space to really go within and build a deep inner trust.

She will hold you in a space of complete love, as you surrender to your intuition and allow your imagination to take charge. This will allow your inner child to come out and play; play with the same uninhibited freedom you once felt as that child. As you do this together Kay will hold space for you to share any emotions or feelings that may come up. These sharing’s can and will help you to unshackle and release from past trauma  (We can hold these programs and pains within our physical body which can then lead into illness and dis-ease)  When we work with our creative side we are tapping into our true self our higher self and can clearly hear the messages that will heal us.

So, do you have a calling to express yourself and release emotions through painting?

Do you have an urge to better understand yourself and help discover your soul’s purpose?  clear old patterns and untruths and allow yourself to think with your heart and love with your mind?

Is painting something that you have been wanting to explore, but have ignored through the fear of not being good at it?

Sometimes the words are hard to express, sometimes we are confused and frustrated, and we can’t hear the messages from our higher self. Our higher self is always giving us instructions for the lessons of this lifetime. But our busy minds cannot always hear! Do you believe you are being asked to create again but then the ego minds starts its cycle of self-doubt and self-sabotage.

Check out Kay's Art Studio

Do you remember how it felt as a child to put paint on paper and watch with glee as the colour spreads and merges to create new shapes? Do you remember the feel of the brush as you move its soft bristles gently over the page, leaving behind a rainbow of exquisite colour?

Do you remember the calmness?
Do you remember the freedom?
Do you remember the fearlessness?
Do you remember the love, the joy the fun?
Do you remember how time stopped still?

Your soul remembers,
Your soul wants you to feel that joy again and learn to listen to your OWN intuition and trust you know what’s best for you. TRUST that you have all the answers, trust that your higher self loves you completely and won’t lead you astray

Intuitive painting is a perfect way to tap into that all knowing part of ourselves.

What is Intuitive Painting?

Return to your lost world of childish abandonment, playfulness and freedom as you tap into your higher faculty of imagination.

Intuitive painting helps you to let go of perfectionism and judgement, it is a unique and creative spontaneous process that gives you the opportunity to explore your inner knowing. All within the safe and unpretentious surroundings of Quantum healing Hartspace.

There are no great techniques needed just a willingness and eagerness to explore mixing paint and using a myriad of art materials such as brushes sponges and palette knives.

While standing at an easel, listening to soulful and ambient tunes you will slip into a state of mindfulness and quiet, whereby you will be able to clearly hear the messages of your soul as they are channelled down into your artwork.

Intuitive art works on a subconscious level and allows you to express yourself in a nonverbal way, releasing any negative emotions that come up and allowing you to make sense of and build upon your self-awareness and resilience

What Happens in the Session


There are 2 tiers  to choose from


This unique and special session will run for up to 4 hours

(Messages come from within. Some people’s messages will be longer than others, but a rough guide is to allow 4 hours.)

You will begin your session over a cuppa with kay as she talks and connects with you on a soul level. Kay has the ability to see more than what’s in front of her. She has an innate ability to help people feel instantly at ease and at home, her space is your space and she makes sure you are completely comfortable and relaxed.

She will then lead you in a beautiful guided meditation and visualisation, which will help you to open up your creative channels and still your mind.

Her mediations will help you relax and unwind and get in tune with all your senses. All of which will be used through the H’art therapy sessions.

Once the meditation is complete Kay will guide you with a painting activity which will bring you completely into the ‘now moment’.

Through this mindfulness practice you will learn how to let go, observe, accept, and go with the flow. . Detach yourself from any pre conceived ideas or expectations you may have brought with you to the session and release the perfectionism and control.

This wonderfully relaxing active meditation may go for up to an hour, but again this time is not set in stone as everyone is different. The aim is to find a place of complete relaxation and peace, through the creative process. You will still the mind enough to start to hear the messages come through, unhindered by the ego side of the mind.

Once you have completed this first art practice you will be guided through an intuitive abstract painting.

This will be created  at an easel or from a table, the choice will be yours.

Kay will help you start the work, but you will be in charge, after all it is all about you! YOU have the ability and kay will facilitate the session, helping with any technique you may want to try and use.  Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition as it chooses the colours, the paints, the brushes and guides your brush strokes.

Your higher self told you to book the session for a reason, it has a message for you, it has a story to tell you. Express it in abstract colours and shapes. Colour is powerful, and symbols have deep meanings. Your DNA has the codes. This process will unlock them, you don’t need to know the details but trust that the activation is happening on a deep cellular level. You will have so much freedom and so much FUN.

Over the weeks to come your painting will start to tell you more and more. It is best to keep it in a place you will see it often, So that the messages can become clearer and clearer. The more you see it the more you can self-reflect, become more aware and more awake.

The cost of the session is $444 payable at the time of booking. And includes all materials and light refreshments (please BYO lunch if required)


These sessions run for 2 hours. and cost $222

Everything will be the same as option 1)  except as time is limited you will only create smaller art works, and have less time for discussion. These sessions are more focused on a mindfulness creative process and will hold space for a shorter meditation and guided visualisation. In the 2 hours you will still be able to share the insights that come up for you as you practices the active meditation with Kay.

Option 1 is highly recommended for your first visit to see Kay, you will be able to go deeper into everything that comes and up, connect with kay on a soul level and trust her process fully. Which will in turn speed up your healing journey. Many people then book into more regular 2 hour  individual sessions, then feel happy to join in one her morning group sessions and continue their healing journey

Bookings are made direct with kay by calling 0415611342

Times can be arranged to suit.

Full refund will be given with up to 48 hours notice.

50% only will be refunded if less than 48 hours notice is given.

The cost of the session is $444 for option1).or $222 for option 2. payable at the time of booking. And includes all materials and light refreshments (please BYO lunch if required)
Bookings are made direct with kay by calling 0415611342
Times can be arranged to suit.
Full refund will be given with up to 48 hours notice.
50% only will be refunded if less than 48 hours notice is given.