Past Life Regression and Meet your Spirit Guide Workshop

Followed by an intuitive self-expressive art therapy painting session.

A fun and easy way to get in touch with more aspects of yourself, to help guide you in the most important life of all “your current life”

These group sessions are so much fun and give you a little taste of the power of your mind. Kay from Quantum Harts Healing Therapy was trained by Dolores Cannon, in her world-famous Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). A technique, where she is able to get a person into a deep level of hypnotic trance and guide that person on an amazing journey of their consciousness. It truly is a way of finding that all answers and healing lie within us.

Group sessions are so much fun and gives those not sure about hypnosis or a full in person QHHT session a little taste of hypnosis with the added bonus, they get to know you too.

Kay will be offering a 3-part group past life regression and meet your guardian angel. (Using the basic QHHT method.) Followed by a powerful intuitive art therapy session.

  1. Group past life regression with Kay to retrieve valuable information for growth and expansion. The first section is where you will experience a past life. Using gentle guided visualisation, putting you into a light state of hypnosis. Most people have had many lives. You may be experiencing something in this life that doesn’t make sense or you have an inner knowing that it doesn’t belong, in this now moment. In this workshop you are given the opportunity to find out the WHY. If you have a particular issue or question you can keep this in mind and your higher self will bring you to the most appropriate time and place for you to see, innerstand it and clear it.
  2. The second section is where you will be visited by your guide or guardian angel and receive a message, or a special gift! What will they have for you that will help you in this life?
    In The last section Kay will guide you through an intuitive art work. Using paint to express the imagery and symbols you were shown by your higher self, and guardian angel while you were in the trance of light hypnosis.

This workshop will help you:

  • Unveil the mysteries of your past lives and uncover who you were in another time and place.
  • Unlock the secrets of your life’s purpose and gain insights into your soul’s journey.
  • Tap into your hidden abilities and spiritual gifts, empowering you to create a more fulfilling life.
  • Experience deep healing as you release old traumas and unresolved emotions, paving the way for personal growth and transformation.
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and receive guidance, support, and wisdom from higher realms.
    More about the painting part!

Once you have been given information that is appropriate for you to know, to help you move forward in your current life situation. Kay will gently guide you into an intuitive painting, allowing you to further go within and process any of the visuals you would have had access to, while in a state of deep relaxation and light hypnosis.

Once the information has been shared to you via your senses and your higher self, you will be given time and space to get it out onto the page in front. You can either stand at an easel or allow the messages to spill out onto the page, or use a smaller page to express what you saw using line and colour.

Sometimes things will appear in our minds that we will find easier to paint and draw, as opposed to verbalising. Without engaging the left side of the brain, and giving our logical mind (ego) a chance to get involved, we will get to work on our imagery straight away. You will start to allow the colour and shapes to emerge onto the page. Clearing out stuck energy, and releasing what needs to be let go of.

Kay has found in the past when running these past life group workshops that the messages a person receives are actually entwined in imaginary, and symbols as opposed to words, reproducing them onto a page and standing back from them, will give greater insight and clarity into the messages being received, which in turn helps you to heal on a deeper level and gain great self-awareness.

So please allow kay to use her wisdom and knowledge of her many years as a practising self-expressive art therapist and as a facilitator of Dolores Cannons QHHT technique, to help you trust you have all the answers within and the ability to completely heal yourself through the process of unconditional SELF LOVE.

Leave feeling lighter, clearer, more expanded, grateful, accepted, free, safe, unshackled, fearless and LIMITLESS!

Details for the Day

There are 3 days to choose from:
Sunday 5th November
Sunday 12th Novemeber
Sunday 19th November
Workshops run for 4 hours, 2pm to 6pm NSW time

Address: Think Purple H’artspace Shop3/2 Blundell Boulevarde, South Tweed


Energy exchange $155 (this includes everything i.e. painting/drawing materials no need to bring anything, unless you have a favourite journal)

But please BYO snacks and a water bottle, I have tea and coffee for you.

Places are limited so please book in over the phone

Workshop must be paid for at time of booking, (no refunds however if you are sick and unable to attend on the day then you will be offered a place in the next workshop)

A few things on how or prepare for your session

  • Wear comfy clothes
  • Turn off mobile phones
  • Be hydrated
  • Avoid coffee (you will want to be totally relaxed and not stimulated by caffeine we can enjoy a cuppa after the session)
  • Come with no expectations you will receive messages that are appropriate and helpful for you in the now moment.
  • The sessions are FUN so leave the logical brain behind lol